Your Most Important Asset

By: MarkWeaver Saturday April 26, 2014 comments

Im sure theyre well meaning, but HR people by the droves like to use trite phrases like, Employees are our most important asset. But think about it. An asset is a resource that a company owns or controls to either pay debts or to get a future benefit from. Business owners, bosses, and HR people who think they own the employees who work for them have a distorted view of reality. Business owners, bosses, and HR people who think they control the people who work for them as some bosses do probably get lip service at best when the boss is... Read More

Holiday Sensitivity or Bah Humbug?!

By: MarkWeaver Tuesday December 10, 2013 comments

I read yet another article by HR professionals advising business owners about how to be sensitive to people of various religious beliefs or no religious beliefs - during the holiday season. Apparently, some would argue that everything should be kept so generic and non-potentially offensive that traditional symbols of Christmas should be taboo in the workplace. Honestly sometimes I think we try to be so open-minded that we risk having our brains leak out. We have become so sensitized to offending anyone that we have gone far beyond not only... Read More

What's Yours?

By: MarkWeaver Friday August 16, 2013 comments

Culture... every organization has at least one. It is created by what the leader says, does, promotes and tolerates. Culture can change from great to mediocre quickly. It takes more time and a whole lot of intentionality to go the opposite direction - from mediocre to great. Why should you care? Couple reasons: Engaged workplaces have a 24% lower attrition rate than disengaged workplaces. Fully engaged employees have a 3x higher ROI than average employees. Ask yourself these questions as you think about the culture of your... Read More

Recipe For Success

By: MarkWeaver Saturday April 13, 2013 comments

This week, I was at an event where I heard a few successful business leaders sharing their recipes for success. One commented that you have to have 3 things: a good idea; a great team; and $$$. I love a good idea. I love brainstorming good ideas with entrepreneurs. I love hearing their dreams and the sometimes outrageous ideas that no one else has tried yet. I also love it when the money is available to fund the vision of an entrepreneur. Ive seen entrepreneurs take all kinds of risk, leveraging everything to move their concepts from ideas to... Read More

Money Can't Buy You Love

By: MarkWeaver Friday December 28, 2012 comments

Ok, Ill admit I was never a Beatles fan of course, I was a small child when they were around and I had an older cousin who was one of those teenagers screaming and fainting at Beatles concerts which I thought was really stupid. That said, you couldnt grow up in the 60s without hearing a LOT of Beatles songs like Cant Buy Me Love. I can still recite some of the words that were constantly pounded into my young brain I dont care too much for money; money cant buy me love. Nowhere is this truer than in the workplace. Nowhere is money used more... Read More

Quality is Still Free... So Is Good Morale

By: MarkWeaver Saturday November 3, 2012 comments

One thing I learned in my first HR Management role at Philip Crosby Associates is that there are all kinds of things that employers can do to improve qualityfor free. Over time, I realized that the same can be said about morale, alignment, engagement, and culture. Too many employers dont get this. If you want a workforce of passionate employees who share your values, get your mission, and see your vision, you have to be willing to be inclusive and share information and decisions with them to help them buy into the big picture. Business... Read More


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