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Organizational Culture

Organizations have unique cultures, values, and norms. When everyone shares those priorities, the organization hums. It works, it clicks, it moves, it succeeds. When an organization loses sight of its culture and values, it can hire people who may be skilled but are not wired for success in their organization. That's the proverbial square peg, round hole, and it can lead to a lot of frustration. When organizations know who they are, stay true to who they are, and are picky, they attract people who like their culture and fit into it more easily.

Define "it"

Individual Values and Preferences

Likewise, we all have unique priorities and values that we want in an organization. We thrive in organizations whose values are similar to our own personal values. If you’re in a job based on your ability to meet the requirements but the culture and values are contrary to yours, you can feel like the organization is toxic or foreign to you. Your own values are too dissimilar from those of the organization. You can do it - we all have - but the role will require much more effort and won't be as much fun. When people know who they are, stay true to who they are, and are picky, they choose to work in places that they enjoy more and land in organizations they love.

If both the employer and the person interested in a job know who they are, stay true to who they are, and are picky, everyone is happier. That's the point of a tool Open Door has developed; it identifies priorities and shows how people could work together, all based on people's preferences. If you are interested in learning more about it, send us a message on our contact page.