Office Politics v2016

Monday July 11, 2016 comments

Some people want to force conversations about the elephant in the room. Some people want to behave like asses. And Im not really addressing either political party as much as I am behaviors that seem to be commonplace in our society when it comes to this polarizing presidential election. Weve still got 4 months until a new president is elected. You may feel so strongly about your candidate of choice that you want to try to persuade employees to vote your way. Conversely, with all the commercials, mailings, phone calls, and other attempts to... Read More

Do It Right the First Time

Tuesday July 5, 2016 comments

Do It Right the Fist Time. Sounds good. Why do rework when it saves time and money to do things right the first time? Why spend money on warranty work, returns, or lost productivity if organizations can prevent all that? People hear the phrase Do It Right the First Time, and assume that refers to the output of a person, and perhaps the attitude of that person as he or she approaches work. If work wasnt done right then the worker was at fault. Such an assessment is an after-the-fact evidence of failure rather than an assurance of success... Read More

Who Benefits From Your Benefits

Monday June 27, 2016 comments

Who Benefits From Your Benefits? Back before World War II, few Americans had health insurance. Fewer still received it as an employee benefit. Of course, life was simpler then. Healthcare was relatively medieval, and most people just suffered through all but the most debilitating pain or disease. Back before World War II, few Americans had any kind of employer-provided retirement plan. Of course, life was simpler then. People didnt live that long because healthcare wasnt that good. And most died shortly after retirement, living at home... Read More

Workplace Conflict

Monday June 13, 2016 comments

Workplace conflict. It happens. We like to think that time will resolve things. Time doesnt heal; it buries. Left unresolved, issues fester and become apparent later. And when they do its usually worse. The biggest mistake most people make is not to try to resolve things. The next biggest mistake people make is to try to assert their rights and force an apology. Ask yourself, Do I want to be right, or do I want to be effective? They arent always the same thing. When workplace conflict does happen - particularly when the offense is not that... Read More

Founder's Syndrome

Monday June 6, 2016 comments

Founders Syndrome. At least thats what I call it. Someone has a great idea, an invention, a new way, a new service. Others join the adventure partners, employees, investors. At some point one of 2 things can happen: The founder decides that a new leader is needed. Maybe the founder wants to cash out. Often the founder doubts her ability to lead but still wants to hang around in some capacity; Someone else decides that a new leader is needed. Maybe that decision comes from an investor, a partner, or the bank. Someone wants a change... Read More

Employee Engagement

Thursday April 7, 2016 comments

Did you know that about $1 billion is spent on employee engagement initiatives annually in the U.S? Did you know that there isnt a lot of proof that its helping the bottom line? Did you know that there isnt a lot of proof that its helping employee engagement? Half a century ago, Psychologist Frederick Herzberg came up with his Motivation / Hygiene Theory, which was basically counter to the conventional wisdom of his day. While others were saying that the same things that motivate employees could also serve as demotivators, Herzberg came up... Read More

Generational Generalizations

By: MarkWeaver Monday August 17, 2015 comments

I have this 19 year old son who likes to quip that when his old man was a teenager surfing in Florida, there was no sand on the beach. Only rocks. Erosion hadnt created sand yet. So when I talk about what life was like when I entered the professional workplace, lets just say it wasnt yesterday. When I entered the workforce in the early 80s, we were toward the end of the Baby Boomer generation. That meant that there were a whole LOT of older baby boomers already in the workforce for 15 or so years, and a bunch of people even older. And even... Read More

7 End of Summer Steps to a Stronger Team

By: MarkWeaver Monday August 10, 2015 comments

Maybe its because Im the dad of a High School athlete, but I find this time of year exciting. Coaches are getting teams to end of summer practices, camps, and workouts all geared to help athletes start off the fall athletic season at the top of their game. Coaches know that the best teams arent made from pure skills alone. Team dynamics, the mental game, coachability all play a huge role in making the best team. Before you hit the bleachers to cheer on your favorite teams, consider these strategies to help the team you work with succeed: ... Read More

A Tale of Two Companies

By: MarkWeaver Monday August 3, 2015 comments

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times It can seem that way when you hire a new employee. Many employers have hired someone who was fine in the interview, not realizing the gem she is until after she starts. Its great when were pleasantly surprised. Many employers have also hired someone who interviewed great, only to find out that when the new employee starts, hes apparently switched bodies with someone else. Its not great when you dont get what you thought you would. How do you determine who will be the next rock star, and then... Read More

6 Steps to Avoid Employment Risk

By: MarkWeaver Monday July 6, 2015 comments

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 88,778 charges were filed in 2014. 31,863 of those alleged illegal harassment in the Private Sector; 15, 226 were within the Federal Government. Add in other Public Sector employees (state and local governments, school boards, universities), retaliation claims, and some other charges and you get to the grand total. Scary, isnt it? Of course, there are about 150,000,000 employees in the U.S., meaning a whole lot of them never file with the EEOC. Or file a lawsuit. ... Read More


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