The Open Door 4 Step Confrontation Model

By: MarkWeaver Monday February 9, 2015 comments

It can be tough being a boss. Most people dont really like confrontation, particularly when its with someone they may have to work with day in and day out. Many make the mistake of thinking that if they just keep overlooking a performance deficiency or a behavior that is incongruent with company values, that the problem will self-resolve. Doesnt work that way. When we avoid confrontations that we need to be having, it sends a bunch of different messages that we really dont want to send: To employees with performance problems, the... Read More

Building Your Team in 5 Steps

By: MarkWeaver Monday February 2, 2015 comments

How did your team do? Being that its February 2, 2015, that may sound like a post-Super Bowl question. Watching athletic teams is a great way to see how an effective team works. Or how an ineffective one doesnt. But Im really after how your team your work team - has done. It takes some time to build a team capable of making it to the Super Bowl, let alone winning it. Lots of practice, lots of review, lots of planning, lots of coaching, lots of losses, and lots of wins. The same is true of your team in your business or organization. Want a... Read More

Fire Hazard Ahead – 5 Steps to Take Before Firing an Employee

By: MarkWeaver Monday January 26, 2015 comments

Weve all seen the signs. We know when an employee isnt performing, or is behaving in a way that is toxic to the work environment. When you see the potential of it going down the path to termination, there are some steps you can take to make it less hazardous to all involved: Keep short lists and have frequent discussions. Too many employers save up all the stuff thats bugging them for one massive dump. Since things havent been discussed, the employee ends up surprised, and feels that the real reason must be something else perhaps... Read More

Employee Engagement That Counts

By: MarkWeaver Monday January 19, 2015 comments

Did you know that about $1 billion is spent on employee engagement initiatives annually in the U.S? Did you know that there isnt a lot of proof that its helping the bottom line? Did you know that there isnt a lot of proof that its helping employee engagement? Half a century ago, Psychologist Frederick Herzberg came up with his Motivation / Hygiene Theory, which was basically counter to the conventional wisdom of his day. While others were saying that the same things that motivate employees could also serve as demotivators, Herzberg came up... Read More

Written Up

By: MarkWeaver Monday January 19, 2015 comments

Most employers know that they should address employee performance and behavior problems. Few do. Many save up discussions about problems until some annual review and then dump it on employees who thought everything was fine. Many save up frustrations with performance until they just cant tolerate it anymore, and then find some convenient way of getting rid of the problem employee such as a reorganization. Either of those are passive-aggressive behaviors on the part of the boss. Some bosses dont know how to do this well. Getting a form... Read More

How to Accomplish Your Goals Through Your Team

By: MarkWeaver Monday January 5, 2015 comments

If youre one to regularly work out in a health club or gym, this is the time of year you hate to go work out the most. Thats because all kinds of people who arent normally there are trying to figure out how to use equipment they dont routinely use, slowing down your workout. And you probably know that season will only last a month or so. Many who made New Years Resolutions to get in shape, drop 25 pounds, or just get healthier, will fall off the bandwagon and repeat all of the above next year. Why do so few people actually drop the weight, get... Read More

New Year's Resolutions for Leaders

By: MarkWeaver Monday December 29, 2014 comments

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders This is also a great time of year to look ahead. The human thing to do around the turn of the year is to come up with those New Year’s Resolutions. Here are some resolutions related to leadership, that you could consider making yours: 1. Part ways with that bad apple. You know - the one who has been an under performer, who undermines your values, who creates strife or is basicly toxic to your work environment. 2. Create a two-way open door. Don’t expect team members to walk into your office and... Read More

Quality Management and People Strategies

By: MarkWeaver Monday December 22, 2014 comments

Working for Quality Guru and best-selling author Philip Crosby early in my career, I learned that there was a difference between Quality Control and Quality Management. Quality Control is often after-the-fact measurement to determine if a product was within “Acceptable Quality Levels.” That was what Phil called “Conventional Wisdom.” There’s nothing wrong with Quality Control in its place; it just can’t make quality certain. Quality Management, on the other hand, involves a common language, employee engagement, culture change,... Read More

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like...

By: MarkWeaver Sunday December 7, 2014 comments

Yes, its that time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa or merely the end of the year, this is an excellent time to say thanks to employees. You've undoubtedly heard a financial planner tell you that it's not how much you make that's important, but how much you get to keep. Same is true of the gifts you give to employees. There are ways you can say thanks that are tax-free events to employees, and there are ways that are taxable events. Here are a few methods employers use to reward employees at year end, and... Read More

Happy Holidays... or Bah Humbug?!

By: MarkWeaver Monday December 1, 2014 comments

Welcome to December! About this time of year, many employers wonder what they can and cannot do related to their holiday of choice. Advice varies; sometimes based on the personal preferences of the advisor rather than on the law or common sense. Read more... The Second Absolute of Quality "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Sounds like something your Grandma used to say. She wasn't the only one. Philip Crosby, Best-Selling Author and Quality Guru said something similar in defining the Second Absolute of Quality: the... Read More


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