Training and Development

training and development

The trainings we provide for our clients are different from those provided by other consulting organizations.  For one thing, you won’t see our logo on every slide and handout – you’ll see yours.  You won’t see color schemes that work with Open Door; you’ll see your colors.  You won’t see canned pictures that look like generic workplaces; you’ll see pictures that look like your workplace and industry.  We provide on-site training at your premises on a lot of different topics, such as:

    • Leadership training (Establishing and keeping your culture, setting and clarifying direction, etc);
    • Management training (How to hire the best, communicating with difficult employees, appraising performance, etc);
    • Staff Training (Risk Management issues like OSHA, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, etc.); and
    • Development of Just-In-Time Training (Print, Web-Based, Social Media, etc.).