Why People Love to Hate HR

By: MarkWeaver Thursday August 2, 2012 comments

Just read an interesting blog on Why HR Still Isn't a Strategic Partner.  The writing is good, but it's the hundreds of comments below it that are telling.

Ok, let's be real.  HR is on many people's "Love to Hate" list.  Why is that?  Could it be because:

  • The very people saying, "HR should be at the table," are the HR professionals who haven't earned a seat there by being the kind of partners and strategic thinkers the leaders of their institution need at the table?
  • The HR staff who say they are more than paper pushers are only known for their forms and paperwork rather than strategies to help leaders lead and employees succeed?
  • Those who are supposed to be agents of change are themselves the "root guard" who resist change vehemently?
  • HR is known for only reacting rather than being proactive by coming up with people strategies that help their organization accomplish it's strategic goals?
  • The HR department is known for saying, ":No!" rather than explaining how the leaders can accomplish what they need to do for the business to be successful?
  • HR typically tries to make everything 100% safe in terms of compliance while entrepreneurs actually like risk and would prefer to understand the risk spectrum and be allowed to decide where they want to fall on that spectrum?

We in my profession have a long way to go to get the respect that our role needs.  It's not the "what" that we do, it's the "how" that trips us up!  There is a better way.

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